Friday, February 11, 2011

Short Nap--Not too Bad After All

I had a very entertaining and sweet afternoon with my munchkin today. I went in his room about 2:30 because I was pretty sure he would be asleep under his bed and I was right. I ran downstairs to get the camera and then as I was aiming the camera under the bed to take the picture Luke woke up--UGH! I tried to sneak out but it was too late. I rocked him for about 20 minutes with the hope that he would fall back asleep but no luck. I tried to but him back in bed but he was yelling for me less than 5 minutes later. Why oh why did I try to take that picture?!?!

When I went back in his room to get Luke, he wanted me to put up the newest part of the Pteranodon Cave. Troy created this part the other night with a sheet between the twin beds. Luke really likes it because it "connects" the caves under the beds. He also likes for Troy and I to hang out in it with him. I went in the cave with him hoping that maybe if we chilled out and read some stories I could get more "rest" time for Luke.

Well, as it turns out I think I fell asleep pretending to sleep for Luke. Luke must have been pretty quiet though because I'm a light sleeper. I woke up to a book being shoved in my face and Luke saying, "Mom, read it please." He also tried giving me some kisses on my shoulder to get me to wake up more. Such a sweet boy! We didn't end up reading the book because Luke started talking about the minerals in our cave. (There's a Dinosaur Train episode about minerals in the cave--it's not entirely accurate geologically speaking but Luke knows what they are now.) So, we started collecting imaginary minerals. I kept asking Luke what color they were and I got answers such as: blue and shiny; red and sparkly; shiny and sparkly; and your favorite mom, green and sparkly.

Luke then disappeared out of the cave. He went to his sock drawer (he loves to pull all of his socks out of the drawer and separate them). He starting bringing sock minerals back to the cave. These were all sorts of colors and descriptions. There was even a "mineral" with dinosaurs on it.

After we finished collecting minerals we made music for a while by clapping and banging our feet against the foot board and then Luke wanted to go to sleep. Basically that entails laying as close as possible to me after gathering all of his diapers in a pile to lay on. It lasts all of 10 seconds but that's okay because it's 10 seconds of snuggling for me.

Somewhere during all of this I leaned over and told Luke, "I love you very, very much," and he said, "I love you too Mom very much." What a great hour of fun with my sweet boy!

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