Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dinner Conversation & Another Funny

We had another super funny convo with Luke tonight at dinner.

The set-up: Troy and I were talking about his wells from work. He was telling me about a new exploration well he's getting ready to drill. I expressed my displeasure because in my head exploration wells mean more problems thus more time on the computer for Troy. Troy told me that they drill a pilot hole first to get an idea of what they'll encounter during the well so hopefully less problems. Then Luke piped up.

Luke: Pilot howls Mom (like he already knew all
about them).
Dad: That's right Luke, pilot holes. We dig down in the earth.
Luke: Cool!
Dad: We'll even go to the Cretaceous.
Luke (quite excited): Will you see Pteranodons?
Dad: We could hit a few Pteranodons.
Luke (interrupting Dad): Go all the way to Pteranodon Terrace?
Dad: I'm not sure we'll actually see it but I'll let you know.

And another funny side note: After dinner Troy was playing hide and seek with Luke. I happened to be in the family room and Troy choose his hiding spot to be between the couch and coffee table in the family room. Luke counted to 4 I think and then started yelling for Dad. Then he came to me and asked where Dad was (keep in mind that I'm sitting in a chair not more than 3 feet from where Troy is laying on the floor). I really had to try hard not to laugh. Luke decided Dad wasn't in the family room and went into the kitchen. Troy is silently laughing so hard his face was bright red and he was shaking. I suggested to Luke that he look again here in the family room. He walked around the back of the couch and looked at me and said Dad's not here. At that point I couldn't help but laugh. Luke made one more trip into the kitchen before I suggested that he look really hard here in the family room. He went around the back of the couch again and walked right past Troy laying on the floor because he was looking at me. Troy started laughing out loud then so Luke finally saw him. Too funny! (at least it was to be here and see it--hopefully I described it well enough for you to get some effect)

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