Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have been dying to take Luke outside since it stopped snowing yesterday. The temperatures haven't been very accomodating though--the windchills yesterday were below negative 10 all day. Today wasn't much better (the windchill was around 5) but this afternoon when the neighbors called to see if we wanted to go sledding (they have an almost 3 yr old) we decided it was okay. I will say that Troy and I knew there was going to be much more time spent bundling up and getting out of our clothes than time spent outside but we really wanted to take Luke out. So we bundled up and headed out. Troy pulled Luke down the street in the sled which of course was a huge delight. The "hill" we went to was at our neighborhood park so we didn't have far to go. When we got there I was actually surprised by how many people were out. We picked the significantly less steep hill which also happens to avoid all the trees (we did have some safety concerns in mind at least). Troy took Luke down first and he loved it! Of course he wasn't too excited about going back up the hill and started walking around in the snow which was above his knees. I managed to get him back in the sled and pull him up to the top so that I could go down with him. We each rode down the hill with Luke one more and then decided it was time to come home. We had a great time and managed not to get too cold.


Kate Boetcher said...

great scrapbooking pics!


I can't tell who is having the most fun. Great pics.

Ashley M said...

I am SO glad you guys got to get out and have fun!!! I'm sure Luke will talk about it for days. And high five for pulling of the Carhart's :)