Thursday, December 20, 2012

Birthday Party

We celebrated Hannah's birthday on Saturday.  It was a week early but flexibility is needed when your birthday is only 3 days from Christmas.  I had a great time planning and preparing for everything.  "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" was the theme and it was so fun and easy to work with.  

I really think Hannah understood that the party was for her.  She had a great time chasing the older kids around, posing for pictures, opening her presents and of course getting her first taste of cake.  The cake eating will definitely be the most memorable part of the day or maybe the aftermath of it.  Her smash cake was a butterfly with red icing.  Let's just say she did not enjoy her spur of the moment sink bath to get clean.  Aunt Kristi did do a fantastic job making both cakes and maybe enjoyed a chuckle or two about the red frosting.

And now for the pictures!  You should know that there are a lot of them--I couldn't pick only a few.  Enjoy--we sure did :)

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Ashley M said...

Such good pictures ;) The one of the sink bath turned out to be rather priceless! Happy birthday {a day late} sweet Hannah!