Friday, December 21, 2012

December Daily: 12-14, 12-15, 12-16 & 12-17

December 14: Troy and I went to his work Christmas party.  We really had a great time.  It was at a different location with different food this year which was definitely a nice change.  Troy and I enjoyed talking with a bunch of his co-workers.  We even joined some of them at a bar for a drink after the party was over.  Troy and I couldn't remember the last time we had been in a bar together.

December 15: We had Hannah's birthday party in the afternoon and then Saturday night we enjoyed a spaghetti dinner with Grammy, PawPaw, Grandma and Grandpa Johnson, Uncle Todd and Aunt Georgia.  Hannah finished opening the rest of her gifts after dinner.  The kids then went to bed early as it was a big day for both of them.

 December 16: Luke requested to make sugar cookies with Grammy while she was here.  So Sunday afternoon while Hannah was napping they made some.  Luke was really into using the cookie cutters for about 10 minutes and then he wanted me to finish that part so he could decorate the cookies with Grammy.  I'm not sure if there were more sprinkles on the cookies or the floor :)
 Hannah got to have her first taste of cookie when she woke up--she definitely enjoyed it.

December 17:  This event actually happened on the 16th but I'm stretching it to the 17th.  After lunch, Troy, Luke and PawPaw went to the driving range for a while.  Luke absolutely loves going with Troy and this was the first time PawPaw was able to go with them.  They all had a great time although I guess it was a smidge bit chilly.

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