Monday, December 31, 2012

1 Year Old

Hannah was a year old on the 22nd.  I knew this post would be late--December was crazy for us.  It's cliche to say but this year went by SO fast.  I have been remembering last year a bunch the last week or so; I wouldn't trade those first days with Hannah for anything but I am glad we are a year away from them as well.  As this post is a bit late, it will be from current day and it does matter because we've had some changes since her birthday.  

*Schedule: Only a few changes to Hannah's schedule this past month.  During the week I wake her up about 8 and on the weekends she is up by 9 at the latest.  She eats breakfast right after getting up.  If we are home, she'll take a nap around 10-10:30 for about an hour or slightly longer.  She'll have a small bottle before this nap.  If we are out running errands she usually takes a nap in the car.  Hannah takes her second nap of the day starting around 1:30-2 and also has a small bottle before this nap as well.  This nap has started to vary greatly in length--anywhere from an hour to 2+ hours.  We try to eat dinner around 6:15.  She has her final bottle of the day about 8 and then it's off to bed.  I am thrilled that bed time is finally the same as Luke's.   

*Stats: Hannah was 23 lbs 7.5 oz and 31.5 inches long on her birthday (we were at urgent care on her birthday--see below for more details on that).  She is now wearing all 12 month clothes and some of them are getting tight.  Pajamas are 18  month size.  I'm happy to say that it seems her hair is starting to come in more now and it actually looks like she has some.  It is still very light in color and sometimes there is a hint of red.  Her eyes are still blue and we're thinking they might stay blue since there hasn't been any change in them yet.  Hannah now has 9 teeth.  Her bottom, left molar came in about 2 weeks ago.

*Food: Hannah loves to eat!  Thankfully this has not changed.  I have yet to find anything that she won't eat.  In fact, she most often eats more than Luke does.  Her favorite foods are spaghetti, cheese and fruit especially blueberries.  Hannah nursed for the last time on December 13.  We were down to only two short feedings a day and then she started refusing me.  I wasn't quite ready for her to be done but it was a very easy transition for both of us and for that I am very grateful.  She has started drinking whole milk with each meal and also as a snack before dinner.  It was no surprise that she loved it right away and we've had no trouble with that transition.  We are working on phasing out the 3 bottles she has a day.

*Activities: Hannah is in constant motion and into everything.  She loves to play peek-a-boo and chase Luke around.  Most of Hannah's activities involve noise/music/singing of some sort.  She prefers to play with toys that make noise and will create her own if necessary.

*Mobility:  Hannah is still not walking.  On December 24 she took two steps by herself between Troy and I but she hasn't had any repeats since then.  Again I'm in no rush for her to walk but I'm surprised she hasn't started yet.  Her favorite way to get around is to walk on her knees.  I've never seen a baby "walk" like it before.  Her poor knees are both covered with calluses because she does it so often.  Hannah is also a super speedy crawler and I've had several comments to that affect lately.   I haven't mentioned it before but Hannah loves to go up stairs.  She gets quite upset if she isn't allowed to go all the way to the top of a staircase.  

*Favorites: Hannah is still a big time momma's girl and I have a feeling we're entering the seperation anxiety phase.  Hannah really loves music and singing.  One sure way to calm her in the car is for Luke to sing Frere Jacques.  Other favorites:  eating, feeding herself, putting items into and pulling them out of a container, her new chair she got for her birthday and just moving in general.  

*Noises/Talking:  Hannah now has recognizable words for Mama, Dada, doggie (da), kitty (also da but said in a different way), brother (bra), thank you (than u), please (pe), bottle/cup (ba).  She also has a sound for hi--it's a squeak that imitates the low to high pitch you hear when you say hi.  Troy and I also believe that when she sings she is singing Frere Jacques.

*Events: This past month has included all of the Christmas activities--getting and putting up the tree; visiting Santa; and of course opening presents.  We had Hannah's birthday party on the 15th which was a big success.  On her actual birthday which was a Saturday, I had to take her to urgent care because she had been up all night coughing and wheezing.  Turns out she had croup--not the best birthday present.  I plan to do another post about her actual birthday and what we did to celebrate the day.  We were at home on Christmas day and then traveled to Topeka and KC from the 26-30.

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