Monday, December 3, 2012

Pic Catch-Up

 9-24: Peek-a-boo
 9-28: They love playing horsey on my lap
9-29: Being silly
10-5: Such a cutie!
10-8: So much fun
10-12: What happens when you get ahold of your brother's kool-aid when no one is watching
 10-20: This is too long of a story to explain--let's just say the likelihood of this ever happening again are slim to none.  Luke loves to remind me of it though.

 11-2: Have I mentioned how much these two LOVE to swing?!?!?!
 11-6: Bath fun
 11-11: Um, no words
 11-18: We took the kids to a dinosaur exhibit (not very scientific); the best part was panning for minerals--Luke found a whole bunch.
 11-19: Stripes at the park
 11-20: Thanksgiving feast at school
 11-22: Thanksgiving Day--having fun outside
 11-23:  LJ and Troy play MarioKart rather often; this is the first time Luke got a place other than 12th all by himself; he was beyond excited.
 11-26: LJ and I put up a small tree in his room
11-28: Spaghetti dinner--she ate 3 helpings and loved every single bite.

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