Saturday, August 15, 2015


Today was a fairly normal day around here with the exception of it being Luke's second day back at school.  Troy was up and at work early; an earthquake woke me early; I'm not used to getting up early yet with our new school schedule.  After getting Luke to school, Hannah and I had breakfast and then we headed to the hospital to visit my friend Ashley who had her 4th child the day before.  When we got back home after a quick stop at Hobby Lobby, Hannah and I played with her princess castle a bit before she ate lunch.  I had lunch with Troy when he got home around 12:45.  Hannah had quiet time; Troy took a nap; I read after cleaning up and laundry.  Troy went to the pool store before going to pick up Luke from school.  When Hannah came out of her room she and I had a dance party while Troy was gone.  After talking with Luke about his day a bit the kids watched a couple of shows and had a snack.  Troy was working on installing Sirius radio in both of our cars (with a little help from Hannah) while I was reading some more.  Hannah insisted on FaceTiming with Grammy after hearing her on the phone which we did.  Hannah hit Luke really hard with her cup and went to her room.  I started dinner and we ate just after 6.  The kids took a shower before they watched a movie (LJ was really tired from school); Troy was working from home; I was working on my WITL album title page.  After getting the kids in bed, Troy watched the Royals game while I continued to work on my album.  We headed to bed after the game was over and turned our lights out about 11:20.

Some observations/gratitude:
*It rained most of the morning so I didn't have to water all of my flower pots.
*Everyone enjoyed dinner! (not always the case)
*LJ is definitely still adjusting to his school schedule and was obviously tired.
*Dance parties are fun and can get everyone back in a happy mood.

Favorite moment:
Watching Hannah with baby Caleb.  She really was in awe at least until he cried and then she looked terrified.

Pics taken: 136

Clean and dressed
 Did not want to get up; did not want to eat breakfast; did not want to get get the idea
 Streches before exchanging the diaper for undies
 He still sits on his left foot (have a pic of the same from last year's WITL)
 My go to breakfast
 "Not many tangles today, Mom."
 Baby had to come to the hospital with us and she has to be safe and buckled too.
 "Two babies!!!"
Trash and recycle day plus a wet driveway--loved the rain and cool temps!
 Right outside the back door
 Amazing for August 14
 Always have this pic for WITL
 Playing with the princess castle
My ever faithful companion
Fixing lunch
Picnic lunch
Catching some zzz's
Never ending--blah
From Thursday--love having this for the beginning and end of the year
Her typical spot when I'm on the couch 
Reading on my kindle ("Only Time Will Tell" by Jeffrey Archer) 
Perfect dress for twirling 
Kids are very good about helping with Maggie 
Oh my, those eyes--LOVE! 
Tickle/wrestle time 
Installing the radio 
FaceTime--didn't know I got her tongue sticking out :)
Fixing dinner
 Eating dinner
Doing the dishes while I supervised showers 
Getting it back in place 
My sugar bean
Comfy, cozy movie time
Watching the numbers on his well 
Fish feeding 
She gotten really good at doing this on her own. 
Reading Geronimo Stilton (one of his favs) 
My title page 
Watching the game and working 
Yay Royals!

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