Saturday, August 22, 2015


Wednesday was a one of those days that started out and continued all day to be nothing like you had planned or imagined or hoped it would be.  It was rough.  We had early morning storms and there was lots of thunder and lightning which put me in that groggy, half awake, half asleep state.  Just before my first snooze on my alarm was about to go off I heard Hannah yelling for me from her room in that hurry, I need you quick, I don't feel good voice.  Not great when you're half asleep and really need to go to the bathroom (or anytime for that matter).  I flew upstairs (that would've been quite a pic) just in time to hear her throwing up on the carpet :(  We got her cleaned up and calmed down and then I brought her comfort items downstairs and set up her sleeping bag on the floor in my bedroom so that I could take a quick shower (guessing at this point I may not have any other time in the day to do so). As I was getting out of the shower she got sick again (she didn't have a temp).  At this point I texted Troy a second time and he asked if I needed him to come home to help.  I took him up on it as Luke still needed to get to school and then his 7 yr check-up and I didn't want to worry about Hannah throwing up in the car.  While Luke got ready for school, I got H set up on the couch and watching a movie.  Troy still had to work from home so he grabbed his computer right when he walked in the door and Luke and I left for school.  I went to get gas in the car and then for a quick trip to Target (something I was planning for later in the day).  I also talked with my mom about Hannah because I was supposed to meet her and my step-dad halfway to KC the next day for them to have Hannah for a few days.  We decided just to wait and see how the day went and make a decision later.  I was anxious about it because after dropping her off with them I was to go to Tulsa for the Creating Keepsakes Convention for the weekend.  I really didn't want to alter my plans for that because I've really been looking forward to it (but obviously I would've done whatever was best for Hannah).  After LJ had been at school for about an hour, I picked him up so we could head to the doctors office.  We got back to school about 2 hours later and I rushed back home with lunch so Troy could get back to work after eating.  Hannah asked for something to eat and as she had yet to be sick again, I fixed her some toast and applesauce and she ate while watching the George movie again.  It was clear that she was exhausted so as soon as the movie was over I suggested she take a nap.  She told me that she thought that was a good idea.  I took advantage of sitting down for a bit and checked Ali's blog and worked on my own.  I also did more laundry (ugh!), packed for my weekend away and then did a few chores on the computer.  I had to wake Hannah up to go get Luke from school--she had been asleep for over 2 1/2 hours.  I could tell she had a temp when I got her up but didn't take it until we got back from getting LJ.  I was thrilled the pick up line was shorter today and moved much faster.  Hannah's temp was 100.8 enough for me to be more concerned about her and the chances of her going to KC.  The kids watched another George movie (they really love Curious George) and I do some more chores--getting the house completely picked up for the cleaning lady to come the next day.  Mom and I talked again about the next day and decided we'd make it a completely last minute decision for in the morning.  Luke worked on his nightly homework which was again very rough and hard on both of us.  I fix dinner with reluctance because Troy is working late and I still wanted Hannah to have pretty bland stuff.  The three of us ate dinner and then LJ and H both cleaned up and then took showers.  At this point, Hannah has said she didn't feel sick anymore and her temp was gone.  LJ reads while I get Hannah in bed and then I read to LJ and Troy gets home.  He gives the kids hugs and kisses and has to get back to work (critical point in the well).  I fixed dinner for him which he ate in the office while working.  I finished gathering things for Hannah's trip (I was pretty sure she was going at this point), cleaning up for the cleaning lady and did one final load of laundry.  I packed LJ's lunch and then headed upstairs to my scrap room to organize and pack my stuff for the convention.  Troy helped me load the car and then we went over the plan/info for the weekend.  I got in bed early but once again got stuck on my book.  Thankfully, we all slept well.

*Poor Hannah was scared this morning when she was sick (hate that for my kids!).
*Luke was scared he would have to get a shot at the drs office.
*I was worried that H wouldn't be able to go to KC.
*Unbelievably cool weather for August
*Troy asked and then came home to help with Hannah.
*Luke had a great check up at the dr.
*Luke is such a sweet boy--as soon as he got in the car after school he asked Hannah how she was feeling.

Favorite Moment:
Hearing Luke's concern for Hannah

Pics Taken: 67
Sick girl all snuggled up 
Getting in 
Different cozy location 
Breakfast with bed head still for him 
Walking into school 
Fill up 
I always park on this side even though I didn't get many groceries today. 
Rain moving out 
Luke took this one of the train that we followed out of Edmond.  I love that he still gets so excited when we see trains. 
Not very excited about this appointment.  He told me it was embarrassing.  He was 47.6 lbs (45%) and 47 3/4 inches (45%). 
Saying good-bye before heading back to work.  Notice her eyes are still glued to the TV. 
She really enjoyed the cooler weather today.   
I had the door open with screen for a good part of the afternoon and I eventually had to close it because it was getting too cool. 
Recording and documenting with a sweet treat 
She loves to sit on the back of this chair and watch all the birds out the window. 
Love, love, love this part of the project! 
More of this again! 
Packing for the weekend 
Renewing library books online because that was on the list for after school but clearly couldn't take H since she was sick. 
She said she was going to take another nap while we were waiting for LJ. 
The intersection at the end of our street. 
The most unfortunate part of the day. 
Homework battle 
Getting the tangles out 
Dinner while working 
Evening treat 
My evening treat
Gathering everything together 
Another usual spot  
Ready to go 

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