Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I just need to say that it's really hard to get back in the routine of school and getting up early again (especially when you're reading a really good series of books that you just can not put down when it's time to go to bed).  That said, yesterday was a really good day.  Luke went off to school with no problems and Hannah was very excited to start back at gymnastics in the morning.  After gymnastics, we went to Office Depot and the grocery store before coming home for lunch and quiet time.  I was productive during quiet time cleaning up the house, dealing with trash and laundry.  I enjoyed about 30 minutes of quiet time for me checking FB and updating my WITL stuff before I went to get Hannah.  She was sound asleep!  She gave up her nap about a month ago and there are days when she does still fall asleep if she's in her room long enough--I'm sure gymnastics wore her out.  I let her watch a show to wake up before we picked up Lukester from school.  I knew I wanted to let the kids have the chance to swim as the weather for the next couple of days doesn't look very conducive to that and they were excited to hear that.  I talked to my mom for a while watching the kids have a great time in the pool.  We came inside and they took showers before watching Curious George 3 (it was on PBS and I recorded it for them) which they have been super anxious to see as it was constantly being advertised and I started dinner.  Troy got home while I was working on dinner.  We decided to let the kids have a picnic dinner (much more rare than picnic lunches) and finish the movie while we enjoyed a dinner for two at the table.  After the movie, Luke started on his homework.  As a first grader this year, he will have homework every night.  I'm estimating it will be about 30 minutes a night.  I'm not sure how I feel about this yet other than knowing I wished we had over the weekend to complete the homework packet for the week rather than a Monday-Friday timeline.  Hannah cleaned up her room while LJ did his work.  It was apparent again that both kiddos were pretty tired and after a few minutes of playtime it was time for bed.  I read to LJ again and Troy read to HB.  She's come around the last week or so and is okay with Troy reading to her more (hooray!)  Troy did some work before heading to bed early while I watched some TV and folded laundry for what seemed like forever!  I watched the news and worked on Sunday's blog post and made Luke's lunch before heading to bed myself where I again got my nose stuck in my book too late!

*Hannah was very sleepy this morning.
*It's never a good idea to go to the grocery store when you are hungry.
*The kids played really well together in the pool.
*Hannah was so excited that she has Coach Sammy again for gymnastics.
*I was productive!
*Troy had a good day at work and got some great news about the well he's working on.

Favorite Moment:
Watching Hannah at gymnastics--it's a full hour of pure entertainment for me.

Pics Taken: 87
First thing I look at on my phone every morning 
Getting ready for school 
On the road 
My sweet boy giving me hugs and kisses for the day. 
And Hannah gets some love too! 
Breakfast--she put the strawberries on the the peanut butter toast but I'm guessing that wouldn't be a bad combo 
The only time she ever lets me do anything with her hair is on gymnastics day. 
She looks so cute I wish she'd let me put it up more often. 
A quick load before we leave 
Waiting to get started 
Peek a boo! 
She's really good at somersaults. 
Insisted that I carry her into the store 
I'm not sure how I didn't remember to get a pic of Hannah riding in the car grocery cart but I didn't and this is the only one I got to show we were even there. 
I asked Hannah to take a picture of me putting away the groceries--good to see her perspective. 
Love these! Especially the black raspberry. 
And again 
Getting caught up 
She's been making these beds on her floor but this is the first time I've found her sound asleep! 
Sleepy snuggles 
1, 2, 3, Jump! 
This butterfly kept saying hello while the kids were swimming.  It was really pretty--black with lots of yellow/golden spots.
I posted this one on FB saying, "Love these smiles!"  Aunt Sarah commented saying, "Me too!" 
Clean smile 
Clean smile  
He said, "Mom, you have to take a picture.  My head looks like a spikey ball!"
A Christmas present I made for Troy.  It's been a really fun thing to have in the bathroom and get a surprise note from each other every so often.  
Homework packet 
Cantaloupe from the farmer's market--it's super tasty! 
Engrossed in George 
Peaceful dinner for two 
Working hard 
This week's spelling list.  He nailed every one of them the first time I asked. (I wasn't surprised.) 
20 minutes of reading too! 
Doing her own work 
Stories with Dad 
Wiggling hard to get the other front one to come out 

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