Monday, August 17, 2015


It was not a typical Sunday for us.  Troy had to go into work which he did right before I got up.  I showered and got ready before get having breakfast with the kids.  I then got them ready for our back to school photo shoot we did with a group of friends.  We met at the park in our old neighborhood where we had props and a back drop for the photo shoot.  It was really a lot of fun.  The kids all took turns rotating through the different locations that were set up for the pictures.  I was happy to get several great shots of the kids.  We headed home and because the kids had had so many snacks they weren't hungry for lunch so they went to their rooms for quiet time.  I fixed lunch for myself and read while I ate.  Troy got home about 20 minutes after I had finished my lunch so Troy and the kids all had a light late lunch.  I made a quick grocery run for dinner while the kids were playing.  After I got back I watered all my flower pots while Troy was watching the PGA Championship and the kids were still playing together.  Troy took a nap after I came back inside and LJ requested some alone time so Hannah came downstairs with me and watched Daniel Tiger.  The kids had really been wanting to swim but since one of the pumps was broken we hadn't been able to all week.  Troy got the pool clean enough that he was comfortable letting them get in and they really had so much fun.  I was outside with them for a while and then Troy came out to watch them while I started fixing dinner.  He supervised showers while I finished up dinner.  We all then enjoyed a super yummy dinner (chicken parmesan meatballs).  The kids cleaned their rooms with my supervision while Troy emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen.  It was apparent that both kiddos were very tired and we decided an early bedtime would be good.  I read to Luke and we had a great conversation about TV characters and Luke designing a machine that would allow them to come out of the TV and be in real life.  Troy ironed and worked on his computer a bit while watching the Royals game and then he let me watch some TV while I downloaded pictures and blogged.  I packed LJ's lunch and Troy went to bed.  I did a few more things before going up to check on the kids.  I found Hannah laying on the floor all curled up in a ball blocking her door.  I quickly put her in her own bed but she said, "Mommy, you scared me."  I read for a bit before turning my light out (again probably too late).

*The kids got along well for the most part.
*Troy is very stressed with work right now.
*We love having a pool in the backyard.
*Fresh picked basil smells SO good!

Favorite Moment:
Watching and listening to the kids splash around and laugh in the pool

Pics Taken: 116
Back to School Pics Taken: 176
Hannah took one of me putting on my lotion. 
Part of our breakfast routine every day 
One of my most favorites to eat
Lunch by myself--a rarity these days 
Building creations 
Working hard 
Just a few quick things for dinner (it's rather unusual for me to run to the store like this) 
Love this sign I got for Mother's Day 
Giving everything a drink 
Reading (love that he does this willingly) 
Keeping track for school 
His alone time 
Reading while H was watching 
I think I mentioned that she is my faithful companion. 
He loves jumping in!  She's getting there. 
My lock screen pic (I haven't it changed it in over two years because I love this picture so much.) 
Main screen 
Chatting before I go in to fix dinner 
Quick Skype call with Grandma and Grandpa 
Setting the table--a shared job they do every day 
Whipping up some yummy stuff 
Unloading the dishwasher (so grateful that he helps with this) 
Good night kiss and hug 
With Dad this time 
She is such a sweetie!  We sing Frere Jacques before lights out.  She also has a kiss and hug routine.  We get a kiss on each cheek, one on the lips, one on our hand that then has to go our cheek and our heart, a big hug and finally a long kiss on the lips. 
At seven, I'm thrilled he hasn't had any objections yet to good night hugs and kisses.  He also gets Frere Jacques and a backrub before lights out. 
Getting ready for the work week 
Veggin' out 
She typically climbs up in my lap after the house is quiet for the night.

Some of the pics from the photo shoot (unedited):

How do you eat an apple with a huge hole from missing teeth?
Like this Mom!

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