Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Tuesday had some great highs and a couple of pretty low lows.  After getting Luke off to school, Hannah and I came home and I did a few things around the house while she played.  She was so excited about Sydney (a daughter of a good friend) coming over to play with her.  Sydney needs some practice babysitting so my friend asked if I would mind if she came over to hang out with Hannah.  It was great!  I had some uninterrupted time to do some things (mainly work on printing invitations for Troy's parents' 50th wedding anniversary which didn't go very well) and Hannah had lots of fun playing and being way too bossy.  Hannah and I had lunch after Sydney left and then she had quiet time in her room.  I read, worked on my blog, and did laundry (which it seems I've done everyday this WITL project).  When I went to get Hannah she was snuggled on the floor with a bunch of blankies (as she calls them) and her stuffed animals almost asleep.  We rocked and tickled and played and talked in her rocking chair before going to get Lukester.  The pick up line is still a big work in progress.  The enrollment is way up thus making for longer waiting times.  I was frustrated with it yesterday.  When LJ finally got in the car the kids requested we go to a park (fairly normal after school thing for us).  They choose the rocket ship park and we were there for about a half an hour before heading home.  LJ needed some down time before starting on his homework and asked to watch another George movie.  There was a meltdown when I paused the movie to work on homework (after agreeing to that before the movie started, a few reminders during the movie and a countdown to the pause time).  It was very apparent that Luke was incredibly tired and he told me that he'd had a really rough day at school which is rather unusual for him (had to rewrite a paper because he didn't write it neat enough, had to go to time out for talking without raising his hand and at recess no one wanted to play the game he did).  Troy got home during the second attempt at homework and helped Luke finish while I fixed leftovers for dinner.  I ate quickly and got ready to go to my monthly bunco group.  Troy put both kids to bed early again.  I had fun at bunco although I completely forgot to get a picture of the group of us.  There were only 7 of 12 of us because of a few last minute cancelations so we talked and drank and ate which was just fine with me.  When I got back home Troy was again working and watching the Royals game.  I immediately got ready for bed while Troy waited until the game ended (Royals won in 13 innings).  My nose got stuck in my book yet again and I didn't turn my light out until late.  

*Hannah couldn't wait for Sydney to get here.
*I guessed I would get frustrated with my printer and the invitations--I was right.
*LJ is very grumpy after school.
*My late nights reading are catching up with me.
*I really enjoyed my time in my scrap room.
*I love my bunco group and having girl time.

Favorite Moment:
Playing with Hannah in her room after quiet time.

Pics Taken: 96
All snuggled in not wanting to get up
He mentioned the day before that they were supposed to have seen a volcanic rock in class but didn't end up having time.  I pulled these two volcanic rocks out of our rock collection and we talked about them while he ate breakfast.  
Lunch for him
In an effort to conserve space in the classroom, each kiddo has a drawstring bag like this with a number.  Luke will be #6 all year.
I take turns eating breakfast with the kids so neither of them feels left out.  She always eats better and faster if I'm eating with her.
Emptying the dishwasher
Trying to figure out if she can slip out

These next several pics are from around my gardens and flower pots.  They turned out a bit blurry for some reason but here they are anyway.

Stretching--she's on this rug most mornings soaking up the sunshine (although it wasn't too sunny this  morning) 
Getting my Ali fix for the day 
Sharing my WITL--bottom left is my link (This has always been one of my favorite parts of this project--sharing with others, connecting with people I don't even know.) 
Playing in her room 
The mess that is my scrap room (I didn't get an after pic but you can now see the floor and the table top.) 
Order from the Gap that came in the mail--I've been doing a lot more online shopping recently.  The Gap had their friends and family sale not too long ago and I took advantage. 
Hubby's work shirts all clean (so thankful he irons them himself!). 
Sydney's mom wanted a pic of them together so I took one too of course! 
Lunch for her. 
Lunch for me. 
I couldn't get in the door because she had blocked it again.  That's recently become a pattern.
Almost asleep 
Kisses and snuggles 
Making sure I'm all healthy 
LONG line down the hill for pick up 
Waiting to climb in 
They love running back and forth and over and under this bridge. 
Luke kept saying, "Don't make it spin; don't make it spin!"  He's been very sensitive to motion lately. 
Who wouldn't want to ride on a purple dinosaur!?!? 
LJ is peeking out. 
This is a very fast, bumpy slide.  Luke loves it! 
She is definitely more cautious about it. 
Veggin' out 
Working on homework 
Cutting her meatball (love the way she says that) all by herself 
My step-mom, who hosted bunco 
I walked into to him looking like this.  He was a bit stressed. 
Nose in my book (or Kindle rather)

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I love it when you WITL. What fun to see. What a great domestic journalist you are.