Sunday, August 16, 2015


Saturdays around here can be really busy, totally lazy or somewhere in between.  I would say today was somewhere in between.  Troy got up a bit early and went for a bike ride; I got up not long after he left and took a shower and got ready.  I heard Hannah get out of bed while I was getting ready and LJ got up while Troy was taking a shower.  We all had breakfast together and then I went to the farmer's market with a quick stop at a friends to drop off a chair.  Troy worked and the kids played and watched TV while I was gone.  When I got back, we attempted to get the kids ready to leave and Luke proceeded to have a meltdown about leaving (he is such a homebody on the weekends especially when school is going).  We eventually made it out of the house and headed for the granite store where Troy and I both proceeded to be completely overwhelmed.  We went out to lunch which went well and then came home and the kids had quiet time.  Troy took a nap while I cleaned up the kitchen and downloaded pictures.  I talked to my mom for a bit before doing a blog post about WITL.  After an extra 30 minutes in their rooms for arguing, the kids came downstairs and they watched videos with me on my computer before we had a tickle fight.  I fixed an early dinner so we could head to the baseball game.  Parking was super crazy downtown and it was good we left early.  We all enjoyed the game and left during the 7th.  Troy tried to find some stars for the kids to look at with the new telescope but he wasn't able to find anything (the target scope was out of battery) so we got the kids in bed as it was so late for them.  Troy took a quick shower and I got ready for bed.  Troy turned his light out much before I did because I couldn't put my book down.

Some observations/gratitude:
*Everyone except me seemed to be in a bad mood before lunch.
*For the second time this week I forgot to wear earrings which is really odd for me.
*I love that my kids enjoy watching old videos of themselves with me.
*I'm glad we all went to the baseball (it was iffy at a few points during the day because of behavior).

Favorite Moment:
Going to the baseball game

Pics Taken: 103
He hardly ever wears regular tennis shoes. 
She jumps in bed with me almost every morning after Troy gets up. 
She is always in the bathroom when someone is in the shower (I have no idea why).

She insisted on having some of my face lotion while I was getting ready. 
Love the freshness
My selections
Glued to the TV 
Too many choices 
Really like these as potential accent strips 
Fierce game of tic-tac-toe 
Again, she is my ever faithful companion 
Quiet time for him 
The bed she made during her quiet time. 
Love the smiles! 
Getting buckled 
Yes, I usually drive with my leg up like this. 
Going to the game 
Devon tower 
I love good shadow pics. 
It was a long, warm walk to the stadium. 
My cutie 
The boys 
Family shot 
Snow cone goodness 
He kept making funny faces.  I was just thrilled he had asked to sit in my lap for a bit. 
Downtown view driving home 
Oh that flash is bright! 
Brushing, brushing, brushing 
Cheesy smiles while hoping Dad will find something to look at in the telescope

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