Sunday, August 23, 2015


My final day of WITL!  I was glad I recorded and took pics all week but I'm also glad it's done.  It remains to be seen whether or not I get the actual scrapbook completed.  I really would like to this year.

I was getting ready in the bathroom when Hannah came downstairs (rather early for her).  She was so excited to go to Grammy and PawPaw's; she asked numerous times if it was time to go to see Grammy.  It was such a different day and morning today.  The kids and I all ate breakfast together and they were both in great moods.  It was just the thing I needed after a tough day the day before.  After dropping LJ off at school, Hannah and I came home and finished getting ready to leave with final packing for her and me.  We loaded up the car; I got a movie going for her and we headed out.  After a quick stop for some cash, we were on the road.  Hannah watched "The Little Mermaid" and I listened to some tunes and also talked with Troy, my sister and my mom.  We got to the Towanda interchange a bit before Grammy and PawPaw.  I got gas; we went to the restroom and then we walked around a bit.  Hannah was so excited when she saw Grammy's car pull up.  We ate lunch and then transferred all of Hannah's stuff to their car.  There was no hesitation for Hannah when she got in their car.  After they pulled out, I looked up my route to Tulsa and then I was on my way as well (a bit excited myself--I love going to CKC; I've gone every year they've had it which is 11 years).  I have to say that I had really enjoyed my 3 hours in the car alone.  I cranked the music way up loud, sang at the top of lungs and did some car dancing.  I got to the hotel and unloaded all my stuff and then relaxed and read for a while.  I headed downstairs to meet my friend Susannah after her class and we went to dinner with our scrapbooking group, the Paperdolls.  It was so fun to hang out with the ladies and enjoy some good food.  A smaller group of us had a class that night so headed back to the convention to grab a table.  We enjoyed the class although not as much as past years and some of the shopping that went along with it.  Susannah and I headed back to our room and got organized for tomorrow.  I talked to Troy and read and of course Susannah and I talked before lights out.

Troy and Luke:  Luke stayed at extended care after school (he'd been bugging to try this since last year).  Troy picked him up after work and they came home and did homework before going to eat dinner at Pop's.

Hannah:  They got back to KC about the same time I got to Tulsa.  Grammy and Hannah went for a walk and then they all had dinner and went to get dessert at Yogurtini.

*Boths kids were in a good mood this morning.
*Hannah was very excited to go to KC.
*I was very excited to get to Tulsa.
*Hannah showed no signs of being sick.
*I was very grateful to be heading toward two night away at a scrapbook convention.
*Luke had a good day at school he said.
*I'm glad the boys get to have some extended "man" time.

Favorite Moment:
*Breakfast and the car ride to school with the kids because we were laughing and being silly and having fun together.
*Having dinner with my scrapbook friends.

Pics Taken: 42 (definitely the end of the week and not in a normal routine today)
What can I say, I really enjoy using a q-tip to clean out my ears. 
Simple, quick and easy 
Breakfast all together 
Feeding the animals (sometimes there is an argument about who does this but not today) 
Walking into school 
All set up for the road 
Getting some $$$ 
Down the highway 
She zonked out about 10 minutes before we got to the interchange.  I was hoping for a little longer. 
Filling up 
Greeting with hugs and kisses 
She had to sit next to Grammy at lunch and she was in a very silly, talkative mood. 
Goodbye hugs and kisses (she's awesome at giving hugs and usually pats your back when she's doing it) 
One more wave 
Down the road I go  
Troy and I always keep track of license plates when we're traveling.  It's fun and occupies some time. Before I got the app, I used to remember them all in my head which was a game in and of itself.  I was surprised I saw over half the states today.
Playing on Grammy's porch 
Dinner with the ladies 
Techniques class with a few of the Paperdolls 
My goodies from the evening 
Orange pop at Pop's 
Love this pic that Troy got of LJ.  Great perspective!

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