Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cave Boy

Or maybe "sleep under the bed boy" and pretend it's a cave. I'm only assuming here because Luke has yet to explain why he has slept under his bed the past 3 days during naptime. Well, he tried to tell me today, "I was walking around Mom and you weren't here to read me a story." I guess that's sort of an explanation for the books anyway. I can't imagine it is very comfortable but maybe if you get as much stuff under there as he has it could be okay. In the top picture you can see his doggy pillow pal in the corner so at least he has that. I asked him to get back under the bed this afternoon so I could take these pics. I need to try and get one of him actually asleep under there. Sleep tight :)

1 comment:

Ashley M said...

haahahahahahaha!!!! so glad you got pictures!