Sunday, January 9, 2011

Johnson Family Christmas

The morning of the 26th we drove to Topeka (after a quick visit to urgent care for me to make sure I just had a stomach virus). We got there a little past lunch time so we quickly had lunch and attempted to put Luke down for his nap.
The room he stays in has a twin bed and we debated having him sleep there but decided against it because the dresser drawers had too much stuff he could get into in them. So we set up the pack-n-play and put Luke down. After about 45 minutes of noise and talking, Troy went in to check on him. Turns out we put the pack-n-play too close to the dresser and Luke had managed to pull open one of the drawers and pull everything out of it. He was having a great time but unfortunately not sleeping. So, we moved the pack-n-play away from the dresser and told him to go to sleep. Well, not even 2 minutes later static is coming from the monitor meaning the channel had been changed on the part in Luke's room. So I go in to check on him and he is completely out of the pack-n-play playing with the buttons on the monitor. At this point, Luke was wide awake and too excited about being at Grandma and Grandpa's to go to sleep so we gave up on naptime for the day. I also have to say at this point Troy and I were very concerned about Luke sleeping the rest of the week as he had "escaped" from the pack-n-play. Thankfully, he didn't manage to do it again.
Before we had dinner we opened our gifts with Troy's parents. Luke's pattern of opening one present and wanting nothing to do with the others continued. We did get him through all of the gifts in a reasonable amount of time though and then enjoyed a good dinner. After we put Luke to bed the rest of us played Mexican Train Dominoes (I highly recommend this game if you've never played). Troy and I hadn't played in a long time so we enjoyed the game and catching up with his parents.
On Monday extended family came for a second Christmas celebration. We do a secret name drawing gift exchange because there are so many of us. Luke was again the center of attention and managed to get through his gifts fairly fast during this round. Troy's mom along with his aunts prepared a great traditional turkey and ham meal (I still wasn't able to eat much at this point and it was beyond frustrating with all the good food around). Everyone left around 3 and we all relaxed while Luke took his nap. The rest of the day was just chillin' and having fun. The next morning we (I should really say Troy) packed up the car for the second time and we headed off for KC.
Playing with Dinosaur Train dinosaurs
New art easel Luke got from Grandma and Grandpa
Enjoying some pumpkin pie (or maybe cool-whip) with Dad
Checking out a new gift with Grandma
Opening gifts
What's it gonna be?

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