Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fort vs. Cave

The other day after my "Cave Boy" post (click here to see it again) it was suggested that Luke's "spot" under the bed should be considered a fort rather than a cave. I figured as this suggestion came from a guy and Troy agreed with this guy I would ask Luke about it today (because clearly my female brain didn't understand this concept).

A quick side note: I went to check on Luke during his nap to see if I could get a picture of him asleep under his bed and no luck. He was sound asleep on top of his bed. So, maybe my assumption that he actually sleeps under his bed was wrong. I plan to check this again.

Okay--back to fort vs. cave. When Luke woke up today, as usual he yelled, "MOM!" I could tell that based on the sound he was under the bed. (Another side note: I would really like to know how he moves all of his animals and diapers under the bed without making a sound.) So, I went upstairs with the plan of asking Luke about his fort.

Our conversation went like this:

Luke: Mom, I under here. Come and see me.
Me (laying on the floor to see him and laughing): How do you like your fort?
I had to move some animals to see Luke and he was concerned about that.
Luke: Mom, don't move my animals. They have to stay under here!
Me: Okay, sorry. So, is this your fort?
Luke: Um, yeah.
Me: Or is this your cave?
Luke: This is not MY cave, Mom. It's a pteranodon cave.
Me: Wow, a pteranodon cave! Did you meet some pteranodons?
Luke: Yep! Mom, you need to hide with me. There's a bear.
Me: I can't hide under there I'm too big.
Luke: Well, hide. There's a bear.
Me: I'm going to go back downstairs and hide. You can come down when you're ready. Yell at me if you need help. Bye.
Luke (after I'm downstairs): Mom, I need help.
Me (back upstairs on the floor): Are you ready to get out?
Luke: No, I just wanted you to come back up here. You need to stay with me.
Me: What am I going to do?
Luke: Sit in the chair and rock.
Luke (after a long pause): And read your books, not my books, your books.
Me (big, big smile)

So, per Luke and his wonderfully awesome imagination, it's not a fort and it's not even a cave. It's a pteranodon cave. (Pteranodons are the dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train and the "p" is silent.)

Love this boy and his imagination!

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Ashley M said...

ha. Um, clearly it's a dinosaur cave. Clearly. :) Your boy blesses my heart!