Friday, January 21, 2011

Long Week

This has been a LONG week. Thankfully we don't have them too often around here and this one definitely could have been worse but I just need to vent about it a bit.

Starting on Sunday afternoon Luke started coming down with what I thought was a cold. As it turns out, he was exposed to RSV. (I'm so sorry that Ashley got sick--she really had a tough road and couldn't do much because she's pregnant on top of having a toddler to take care of too. So glad she's starting to feel better now.) So Sunday night I went to the store in an effort to be more prepared for the week rather than risk not being able to go if Luke got worse.

Monday morning Luke was coughing more and his nose was really starting to run. We did not leave the house. Tuesday morning was the same so again we didn't leave the house. I did call the doctor to see if there was more I could do to help Luke and was told that unless his temperature went up or his cough got really bad we just had to wait it out. Thankfully I had Bunco Tuesday night so I was able to get out and enjoy some girl time. Wednesday Luke did not go to MDO and I had to cancel a dentist appointment because Troy couldn't come home because of a meeting. Luke seemed a little better so we did venture out to Target to pick up a few things. It was wonderful to get out!

Yesterday morning I called the doctor to get an appointment because Luke coughed a ton during the night and I was worried he was developing something more. We had a snow day here yesterday so I was praying the roads would be okay to get to the doctor. Thankfully we had no problems and with very few exceptions the roads were clear. The doctor said she could hear some stuff in Luke's lungs but nothing too serious. She gave me a prescription for an inhaler which she said only to fill if he got worse. SO glad she did. Luke had a very rough nap--he had a coughing fit about every 15 minutes. He woke up quite unhappy, rightly so, and wanted to just sit with me and rock in the chair (that speaks volumes about how bad he felt). I decided then that we needed the inhaler. I picked it up after dinner and I must say it was beyond ridiculous how much it cost (insurance didn't cover the "spacer" as they call it--plastic tube the inhaler sprays into with a mask for over the nose and mouth). We let Luke look at it and play with it a bit before we gave him the medicine. That did not go well! He was okay with the mask on but once the medicine was sprayed in it he freaked out. I think we did manage to get him to breathe in some of the medicine though because he didn't cough as much during the night.

Today has also been rough. My facebook post at about 10:30 this morning read, "I want a redo to this Friday already. Luke has thrown up from coughing too hard, my computer is refusing to connect to the internet, the dvd player won't play the movie Luke is insisting on watching and I'm getting a cold. UGH!" The day has improved since then and I think Luke is starting to feel better. He still is not taking the inhaler well at all and he crys so hard that it makes him gag so I'm worried he'll throw up again but he's been coughing less so I suppose I'll take it.

Here's hoping this weekend is amazing! :)

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