Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This morning Luke and I had a fun new adventure. Because the temperature was going to be below freezing all day and there wasn't much hope for going outside, I decided we should go to Unpluggits, an indoor play and craft place with no electronics. I had recommendations from some neighbors that this is a great place and boy, they were right. Luke and I truly lucked out because for the 2 hours that we were there no one else was there. I thought for sure since it is so cold that there would be a bunch of people there--no complaints from me though because I didn't have to worry about Luke as much and I was able to read my scrapbooking magazine.
Playing in the Pirate Ship
The 3 story slide that Luke went down once. He came down head first on that attempt and it scared him so he didn't want to try it again.

This slide was more his speed plus he could see me.
Air Hockey was very exciting.
One of two paintings Luke did. I love the bright colors!

The "spin" art we made using a salad spinner (awesome idea for art at home).

As you can see we did several different things while we were there. Luke also played at the sand table, the train table, messed with Playdoh and rolled balls around. It really was an awesome place--I highly recommend it to those of you close by.
The absolute best part for me though was on the way home. As we were pulling into our neighborhood, Luke sort of quietly said, "Thanks for taking me to have fun Mom." Oh, melt my heart! It brought tears to my eyes. Love you so much Munchkin!

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When are we going back, Mom? A boy who can melt his mom's heart can expect to get a good response to that question. Don't you just love spontaneous good-boyness?