Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas in KC

We celebrated Christmas in KC with my mom, step-dad, sister, aunt and my cousin and her family on the 28th after driving in from Topeka. We let Luke open his presents in shifts hoping that would help him get through them faster. So he opened a few before his nap, then during his nap the rest of us opened our gifts and after Luke's nap he opened some more before my cousin's family arrived. It was great to spend time with everyone and just relax and catch up a bit. We also enjoyed a delicious dinner of beef tenderloin and other yummy stuff (I was thrilled I could finally eat at this point). The following are pics from the rounds of gift opening.

Luke was the center of attention for much of our visit which he loved, per usual. It is amazing how fast kids learn to ask someone other than a parent for something (namely M&M's) when they know that someone will give them a better answer than Mom and Dad. Luke was even so bold at one point to reach up on the counter and grab a handful of M&M's by himself. Unfortunately for Luke, he gave himself away because he was still chewing on them when he came into the room where we were all talking--oops!

The morning of the 29th Luke and I went to visit my best friend from elementary school, Jen and her kids. The kids had a great time playing while Jen and I talked. After we got back from that Luke finished opening his gifts from the day before (and YES, he got WAY TOO MANY presents in case you were wondering). Luke took a great nap during which the adults ran some errands and messed around on our computers. When Luke got up we all had fun playing before dinner. That night before bed Luke got a car massage courtesy of PawPaw. It was amazing how much it relaxed him.

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