Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update and a Bit of Toe Fuzz

Okay, so things have finally calmed down after the holidays enough that I have some time to get a post on here. We had a wonderful Christmas and week after celebrating at home as well as with numerous family members and friends. I plan to do a post for each family celebration as time permits hopefully all within the next few days. I have SO many pictures from all of our celebrations but this is one of my favorites from Christmas Day. Luke is singing Wheels on the Bus rap style on his new "piano." It was beyond awesome!!!! There will be many, many more pictures to come.

And now on to the toe fuzz....Luke is quite obsessed about the quantity of toe fuzz his socks create; I mean what 2 1/2 year old isn't, right?!? If he happens to take his socks off during the day he must stop any activity until the toe fuzz is completely cleaned out of his toes! This is usually at the insistance that I do the cleaning of the toes--such joy for me :) The other time toe fuzz comes into play is at bath time. Luke refuses to get in the tub before all the toe fuzz has again been cleaned out. And if a piece should be missed and makes it into the tub, it becomes top priority for the closest adult to remove the toe fuzz so that it will not touch Luke. As you can imagine this is a huge amusement for Troy and I. Neither of us can even remember how Luke learned about toe fuzz or why it is such a concern for him. I guess we all have our quirks and Luke is no exception.

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