Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was such a fun morning for all of us. Luke woke up about 8 so Troy and I quickly got a few things ready and then went to get him from his room. The first excitement was the candy cane that Santa left for Luke outside his bedroom door. It was almost hard to get him downstairs because he was so excited about it (still when asked what Santa brought him for Christmas his response is a candy cane--too bad Santa didn't know that it could've been so easy).

Once downstairs Luke made a beeline for the new Thomas the Train set that Santa left and played with it until we made him look in his stocking. Each new item pulled from the stocking brought such wonder (ah, to be 2 again). After we had all opened our stockings, we tried to get Luke to open some presents but he was too interested in the stuff that was already open to want to open more (turns out that was a theme for all our celebrations). We slowly managed to get Luke to open his gifts but it took over 2 hours for everything to get opened (we did take a break for cinnamon rolls too). Luke was so insistant on playing with every new thing he opened. I commented to Troy that this would be the only year Christmas mornig would be so slowly paced. We did enjoy it all though. It was SO much fun watching the excitement in Luke's eyes as he ripped open his gifts. It was as if each was the best ever.

After all the presents were finally opened, we skyped with our families. Luke really enjoyed showing off his new toys and singing Jingle Bells for each family. I was really glad to see everyone and share the fun of Luke's excitement.
We didn't do much for the rest of the day other than pack for our week long trip to visit the families. I still didn't feel too good but I did manage to make a nice dinner for all of us. It was a wonderful day together as a family hanging out in our pj's and knowing we didn't have to do anything or go anywhere. My favorite moment of the day came after Luke opened a whole bunch of musical instruments. He LOVES music and was very excited with this gift. Luke said, "Make music with me Mom and Dad," which we happily did. The smile on Luke's face as he looked at Troy and I playing our instruments was absolutely priceless.

We were very excited that we managed to get Luke to cooperate for the timer on the camera so we could have a family picture!

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