Wednesday, December 7, 2011

38+ Weeks

Only 11 days until my due date! I don't have much to add this week as compared to last week other than I'm more ready. I feel like the baby has dropped more so maybe she's getting more ready too. I have had lots of different feelings this past week and I hope that means my body is continuing to do what it needs to. My weekly appointment is not until tomorrow so we'll see.

I will say that sleeping is definitely getting harder and she is loving her middle of the night, 2:30 am, and early morning, 6:30 am, dance sessions. Ashley commented yesterday that those would be good feeding times and a great schedule for her to stay on--she's probably right but me being up in the middle of the night is always a hard thing to accept in my head :)

Oh, one other note. Almost every person I talk to asks when I'm due. When I respond 2 weeks they all look surprised. Everyone says how small I am. I understand that is a good thing but I have to tell you I don't feel small in the slightest bit. I am really proud of myself for not gaining so much weight this time--hopefully that means it will go away faster.

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