Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Daily: 12-2

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Fridays for Luke and I have become quiet, chill days at home unless we go meet Troy at his office for lunch. We typically stay in our pj's for most of the day and just do whatever it is that Luke wants (it's usually necessary after 2 days of MDO without naps and I don't mind).

For some reason, yesterday morning the realization that Luke and I would not have these days together anymore hit me really hard. Sure we can still have days at home but it won't be just the two of us anymore. It makes me sad. I'm in no way saying this change is bad but it will now be three of us at home. I cherish my time with Luke and know that I will miss it. I know there will be new routines to cherish and memories and traditions to make and enjoy but the days of my munchkin and I together in our pj's are quickly coming to an end.

Because of my realization, I made a point to enjoy every second of yesterday. Luke sensed that I was upset and made a point of giving me several hugs and kisses throughout the day. He also allowed me to snuggle with him on the couch for a long time while we watched Dinosaur Train. Before lunch we made Rice Krispy Treats. As Luke was stirring the cereal with the marshmallows he asked me if we could add M&M's. He was very excited when I told that was a fantastic idea. Truth be told he probably could have asked me for the moon and the way I was feeling I would have found a way to get it for him. We also built a new train track which I haven't done for a while (bending over hasn't been at the top of the list for me lately). None of these things are super duper exciting but we had a great time together and isn't that the whole point--enjoying the simple, quiet moments? I have no doubt that's the point. With all my heart, I love you Munchkin!!!

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