Monday, December 12, 2011

December Daily: The Weekend

So rather than do several posts for each day this past weekend I'm just going to do one because I don't have a ton to report really and I'm tired.

12-9: Friday was a tough day for Luke (we've been having a bunch of tough days actually but that's another post). In an effort to help him feel a bit more important and that things are normal we decided to go to a movie Friday night. We went to see "Arthur Christmas." It was a cute story and we all enjoyed it but Luke thought there were a few scary parts. I know that seeing a movie isn't exactly quality time together but Luke loves to go to the movies and eat popcorn and we probably won't be able to go for a while.

12-10: Most of the day Troy and I were in a birthing refresher course. A big thank you to Patrick and Ashley for watching Luke all day. We had another favorite of Luke's for dinner--pancakes! Luke also ate some scrabbled eggs and enjoyed them for the first time! After dinner we went for a long drive to look at Christmas lights. Luke is really enjoying the lights this year. In fact he was quite upset when we pulled into the garage and told him it was close to bedtime.

12-11: Yesterday was a family day at home. The biggest story of the day was the awesome train track Luke and Troy (mostly Dad) put together. Luke has gone through several phases of enjoying and taking a break from his trains. We're currently on a long stretch of enjoyment. He loves to direct the trains on what jobs to do and making sure they all get around the track safely.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well :)

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