Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Daily: 12-5

Monday afternoon after Luke woke up from his nap we decorated Graham Cracker houses. I found the idea to use graham crackers on Pinterest along with an awesome "glue." It's melted brown sugar and it works perfectly. I put the houses together, made the frosting and got the decorations ready while Luke was sleeping. When he woke up we got to work. Luke really had a great time. I also think he did an awesome job decorating his house. My favorite part: he came up with the idea for the peppermint tree in the front :) After we finished with his I had my turn which I enjoyed just as much if not more than Luke did. After dinner Troy took our picture to show off our creative skills. This is the first time we have done this and I will definitely be making a tradition out of it :)
A quick side note: Luke loves to wear the Santa hat. He's had it on almost daily since we got out the Christmas decorations. I love it!!!

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Jennifer Long said...

I love the Santa hat, and Bass Pro Shop definitely had a better Santa than Home Depot (the Santa had (his own) short beard) and Becca kept telling me how Santa's beard was too short. TOtally impressed at you in being in better shape with #2!