Thursday, September 12, 2013


This was a pretty normal day for us.  I read on another blog post about this project how good it is to capture the "normal" and what fun it will be to look back on that.  I couldn't agree more.  That's why even though I haven't been excited about starting this adventure the last few years I still do it.  We took 102 pictures today.

LJ had school today and after we dropped him off Hannah and I went to walk.  I decided to try a different park for a change and it was a bit of a challenge in that the trails don't exactly make sense because they are so windy.  We ended up walking more than I wanted to in the heat but we made it.  We came home and played for a while and I blogged.  Hannah was fairly fussy so she ate lunch a bit early and went down for her nap a bit early too.  I had my lunch, did some chores, took a shower, messed around on the computer and then got her up so we could pick up LJ.  We played on the playground for a bit again before coming home.  The kids had snacks and watched Word World and Daniel Tiger.  I got dinner prepped because we had a meeting with a guy about getting an estimate for our pool.  He was here much longer than I thought he would be and I didn't get to talk the whole time because the kids needed to eat.  After dinner, Troy played with the kids on the floor (my favorite moment).  The kids love squishing him and climbing all over him.  Troy and Luke played some Wii and we had a very short Skype call with Grammy and PawPaw before H went to bed.  Troy put her down and I played some Wii with LJ before putting him in bed.  Troy and I again hung out on the couch and watched a show about the new tower at groundzero (we don't normally watch TV every night after the kids go to bed; I'm not sure why we've been doing that this week).  I fixed lunches and the got ready for bed. T was snoring before I turned my light out around 11:15.
May we never forget
Troy's start
My start
Going into school 
Answering the question of the day 
 A new path
Love all those cute curls!
Happy nappy time
I love her new shoes!
Blog site meter--so cool
Only two today
Home sweet home
Such a good big brother
Tower with lots of patterns
Sigh (I wish this could be more organized)
So fun
Poor Dad
The fam
Night, night kisses for mom :)
He always sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating
Crazy kitty
I was brave and let the flash go off--she didn't stir
He stirred a bit but didn't really wake up

One more side note: I commented on a blog I found yesterday through Ali's website because the family lived in Edmond just like us.  She commented back on mine last night.  So cool how this project connects people from your own town and all over the world.  Hey Abbey!

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