Sunday, September 15, 2013


A pretty normal weekend day for us at home.  We took 138 pictures.  Troy took a ton during Luke's first soccer game.

Our day started out with one of our favorites--french toast!  Troy has become an expert over the last several months.  The kids played with Troy on the floor before we headed out to the backyard to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Our time outside ended a bit abruptly when we found a black widow hiding in the toys.  Hannah and I took a bath and a shower before lunch and Troy one after lunch.  Troy put Hannah down for her nap and then we battle with LJ to get ready for his soccer game.  While the guys go to that (Grandma and Grandpa made an appearance there too), I got ready for dinner and blogged.  Hannah took a decent nap thankfully during all of this.  LJ was disappointed that his team didn't win but he did block a goal!  Luke took a bath and then the kids had snacks and watched Word World.  Troy and I were getting ready for dinner: making salad, appetizers, cleaning the grill, etc.  The Rechlin family came over and the kids immediately disappeared upstairs while H hung out with the adults in the kitchen.  We enjoyed some awesome ribs for dinner and then spent some time outside before coming back in for dessert.  The kids really had a great time playing!  Luke was so excited all week for Lilli to come over.  Luke went to bed a bit late after they left; Troy and I cleaned up the kitchen; I downloaded pictures and we had some down time on the couch before going to bed.
Making breakfast
Berries are her fav!
Let's go this way
My favorite spot in the backyard
Taking a break
Her spot
Her spot (this is how she always lays--looks so uncomfortable)
LJ reversed the pattern on one of these all by himself
Warming up
Going through the rules
Break time
Go Luke!
Snack time
Loves helping in the kitchen
That's as far as she got
Kyla & I watching the fun
Stomp rocket
Notice the hand holding ;)

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