Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Best Man Time Ever"

Those were Luke's words when he and Troy got home late Saturday night after riding the Amtrak train to Dallas and back.  It's no secret that Luke loves trains--he always has and he is still building tracks with his wooden train track on a fairly regular basis.  

Troy decided about 6 weeks ago that they should take a real train ride while Luke's excitement about it is still really high.  Luke was stoked about it when Troy told him the plan--ride the train to Dallas, meet up with Uncle Todd and go to the zoo and then ride the train back home.  Let's just say that we heard about it more than a few times between the original telling and the actual event.  

The guys had to leave our house by 7:30, that's really early for LJ.  There was no hesitation about getting out of bed though.  Luke didn't want to eat breakfast either; he was worried they were going to miss the train.  They didn't of course but unfortunately their timing wasn't the best.  One of the conductors assigned seats to everyone as they came aboard; Troy and Luke ended up facing backwards.  My boys are both sensitive to motion sickness and this was a bit concerning for Troy.  The train was completely full so Troy asked if they could change seats at a stop but that's not allowed apparently.  Thankfully it turned out not to be an issue.  

The ride is about 4 hours each way.  Luke watched a movie and played on the iPad and also his LeapPad to pass the time.  Troy told me he did a really good job of entertaining himself and he received more than few compliments for his good behavior from strangers.  They also had lots of snacks for the day which also passed some of the time.

Once in Dallas, Todd picked them up and they went out to lunch and then to the zoo.  Luke said his favorite animal at the zoo was the baby elephant; it is only 2 months old and still very small.  They also saw meercats, ibex, tigers, sharks, rhinos, hippos, etc.  And they also got to ride on the train that was at the zoo.  

They got back to the train station about 4:45 and thankfully got forward facing seats for the trip home.  Luke tried to sleep for a bit on the way back but didn't have much luck with that.  Troy said they tried to eat a bit of dinner on the train too but it wasn't very edible; thankfully they had a large lunch and all those snacks.  

When they got home about 10:15 Luke was still so excited about the day and told me all about it as we got him ready for bed.  I think he was asleep before his head hit the pillow.  Sunday he took a 2 1/2 hour nap and I was worried he wouldn't be able to go to sleep at bedtime but he went right to sleep then too.  I guess his big adventure wore him out.
Unfortunately Luke didn't want to take his picture standing by the train on the outside.  I'm just grateful that Troy indulged the scrapbooker/blogger in me and took as many pics as he did.

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