Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Well, I was right about not really wanting to take pics yesterday.  At least that was the case in the morning but once I got started I found my groove and Troy and I took a total of 176 pictures.  I'm guessing from past experience that that number will slowly go down all week.  I think it will be much lower especially today and Thursday as both of the kids will be at school.

Yesterday was a new experience for us.  Luke has never gone to school on Mondays before and yesterday was his first time.  He only goes for half a day but I was grateful for that as Hannah and I were able to get a trip to Target and Sam's Club completed before picking him back up.  We had a rather normal afternoon--Hannah napped fairly well; LJ did some projects and watched a couple of shows and then they played together after nap time.  Troy brought dinner home as it was soccer practice night.  He and Luke went to that while Hannah and I had a ton of fun playing together.  Since school is back in session, the kids are going to bed earlier and thus bath time is earlier as well.  Troy and I hung out on the couch after they were in bed and watched some TV before going to bed ourselves.
Clean feet
LJ's breakfast
She loves to play with the belts in carts
Walking into Sam's Club
Playing peek-a-boo while waiting for LJ
Before nap time
Everything needs water
Dryer sheet box train engine shed
Snack time snuggles
More bleck!
Daddy's home
Eating lettuce at 20 1/2 months
He was so sweaty when he got home
Love this one 
Shark attack
Pic from Grammy from Tybee Island
Good night squeeze 
Reading Nat Geo Kids (got the first one in the mail today)

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