Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Before I get to yesterday, I would just like to say that September 11 will forever be etched in my memory.  I was at work in KC when the first plane hit and I can recall every detail of my day from then on.  May we never forget and God bless all those who were lost or who lost.  Thank you to all people in uniform who protect our country and allow us to have the lives we do.

Yesterday was still somewhat of a new experience for me.  Both kids were at school from 9-2:45.  I have been looking forward to these days alone but man it's quiet when they are gone.  Because the kiddos were gone most of the day I didn't take as many pictures, just 94.  I enjoyed the quiet house after calming down after dropping Hannah off (as it's only her 2nd day of MDO she still isn't happy about me leaving her and it was really hard yesterday although she did have a better day than last week).  I did a few chores before grabbing Subway for lunch before I got my hair cut and colored.  After picking up the kids, we played on the school playground for a bit before running to Target (yes, I know I was there on Monday).  We came home and the kids played (my favorite moment of the day listening to them laugh together) and watched some PBS while I got dinner together.  I was amazed that Hannah didn't really bother me during that time; she is usually all over me.  Troy got home and we had dinner.  He then went outside to mow and when the kids and I were done we all joined him outside for a bit.  Hannah was none to pleased when she had to come inside with me but the bugs were bad.  She started requesting night, night at 6:30 (normal bedtime is 7:30ish).  I pushed her until about 10 til and then her lights were out by 7; I think school wore her out!  Luke and Troy came in from mowing and both cleaned up before some chill time on the couch.  LJ was in bed by 8 and Troy and I enjoyed the quiet on the couch together watching TV and messing around on our computers until 10ish when we went to bed.
Morning change
Shoes on
Playground first
What's that?
The drive-through Subway now has a touch screen to order--pretty cool!
Color changing (I have WAY too much gray)
All by himself
Headed home
Being silly
Loves to push buttons and help
Please play with me
Friend (or not) on front sidewalk
 Pouting about coming in
 Mowing--one of LJ's favorites not so much Dad's
 Folding (so glad he helps with that sometimes)
 Tired out

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Abbey said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog and making the connection! It is so cool that we've found each other this way and to know another Edmond mom is doing this too (I suspect we're not the only ones.) I hope MDO is great for your daughter as our kids love ours. Have a great day!