Saturday, September 14, 2013


Yesterday was an on and off day for us.  We only took 68 pictures which is the lowest all week although that's more than enough for this project.  

We went to the zoo in the morning with Grandma.  The weather was absolutely perfect--mid 70's, cloudy and a bit of a breeze.  We had a great time and saw lots of animals.  Troy got home about 10 minutes after we did (he's had 1/2 day Fridays since the summer started and will through at least the end of this year--we really love it).  We all had lunch before H went down for her nap.  Troy took one as well; Luke played with beads; and I blogged along with laundry.  After Troy got up I ran a couple of errands by myself.  Hannah didn't take a very long nap (which she desperately needed) and when she got up the kids watched Word World and had a snack.  I got home and put away the groceries.  LJ went up to his room upset and Hannah kept asking to go night, night.  I knew she wouldn't go to sleep again but we went up to her room and played there a bit before moving over to Luke's room to play.  They really had fun playing with all of LJ's cars.  I fixed dinner and after dinner we played some Wii bowling.  The kids were both really tired and cranky so Hannah went to bed a bit early and Luke watched North America (I think we've watched each episode at least 10 times--he loves it).  I vacuumed downstairs before putting LJ to bed while Troy did the dished and vacuumed the family room.  Troy and I folded laundry and watched TV and messed around on our computers.  After the news, we remade our bed and then went to bed.
Morning feeding
Watching the fish
Flamingos (and us)
We watched this tiger for quite a while
Baby elephant
Beads (he is so into these right now)
My list on my phone
On the way out
My go to back when I'm kidless
Dad had to share his ice cream
Playing very well together
All my love
One of my favs
Not a fav but a must
Headed up
Winding down
He's almost too big to do this anymore (I'm so going to miss it)
Mixing some bread dough
Another must
One of my favorite parts of this project--seeing all those blog hits
All clean

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