Friday, September 6, 2013

Week in the Life

So I'm going to do a Week in the Life project again as I have for the past two years.  It starts on Monday and goes through Sunday.  I think this might be tough for me this year.  Not only have I not been blogging very regularly but taking pictures hasn't been a huge priority either.  Maybe this will get me out of that funk.  

I remember last year not being excited to start this and that's how I feel again this year.  I also remember at the end of things last year I was super glad I had done it.  I really like the in depth look at our regular everyday life.  I know it will be fascinating to look at years from now when the kids are older.  I would love to know what exactly my life was like when I was young.  So, with all that in mind I plan to start snapping and blogging away on Monday.  

If you'd like more information on this project, please visit Ali Edwards website.

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