Sunday, July 10, 2011

Luke is Three!

Today is Luke's 3rd birthday. We've had a birthday filled weekend with 2 sets of grandparents and we also celebrated last weekend with the other set of grandparents, aunts and cousin.

Last weekend included fireworks, swimming in the lake and a Cars birthday cake along with many rounds of hide and seek with Grandpa. Luke was most excited about his Cars cake and enjoyed seeing his first fireworks.
This weekend started on Friday afternoon when my mom, step-dad and Troy's parents got here. We spent Friday afternoon playing and getting ready for the dinosaur birthday party on Saturday morning.

The party started at 10 Saturday morning and I have to say that I think it was a big success. There were a total of 4 boys here including Luke and they really had fun together. We had a dinosaur egg hunt, dug for fossils, opened presents, splashed in the pool and sprinkler and had pizza and ice cream cake. Luke was worn out when everyone left (so was Mom for that matter).
After nap time and waking up a bit Luke opened his presents from the grandparents, aunts and uncle and Mom and Dad. It was really entertaining for the adults because Luke would say something similar to, "This is cool" or "Wow" after opening each gift. He got lots of new Legos, a fire station and truck, some games and a new bike.
After a nice dinner Luke enjoyed all of his new toys and he played numerous rounds of Hungry, Hungry Hippos with all the grandparents. Even though Luke was exhausted it took him quite a while to settle down and go to sleep. We enjoyed listening to him through the monitor tell all of his stuffed animals about his party and his new toys.

This morning the guys played golf so Luke got to spend some extra time with Grammy and Grandma. It was a pretty chill morning playing with his new toys and entertaining the grandmas. After the guys got home from golf, we had lunch and then everyone left before Luke took a long nap.

The rest of the day we spent as just a family of three relaxing. For dinner we enjoyed a pizza picnic in the family room while watching Planet Earth (Luke loves to see all the different types of animals).

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