Thursday, July 21, 2011

Being 3

Isn't this the cutest 3 year old you've ever seen? I think so :) I've had intentions of writing what Luke has been up to at age 3 since his birthday but obviously I'm a few days late. Anyway, below is a list of what my munchkin is doing these days.

*Luke is very independent. He wants to do everything, " myself mom." I appreciate this independence although at times it's a bit challenging.

*Luke is a big helper. He still loves to help me change the laundry and now he daily helps me feed the animals, set the table for dinner, start the dishwasher, make kool-aid, make his chocolate milk for lunch and dinner, get the mail, water my flowers and lots of other things that come up. He also loves to "help" Troy mow the grass with his little mower.

*I think that Luke is going through a growth spurt right now--at least I hope so. He's been eating a ton including vegetables (Hooray!) and he's also sleeping a bunch. We've only had one day the last two weeks where he hasn't napped for over two hours.

*Current favorite toys include dinosaurs, cars, legos and puzzles. Luke also really likes fire engines and "Cars" stuff. We've also been working on playing more games including Hungry, Hungry Hippos; Chutes & Ladders; and Candyland.

*I would like to say that in the middle of the summer we've been playing a bunch outside but this awful heat wave doesn't allow for much time outside. Luke would love to spend all day outside and at the swimming pool but it's just so hot and pregnant mom can't tolerate the heat too well.

*Favorite activities include: squishing and bonking with Dad (wrestling basically); playing hide and seek with anyone willing; watching home videos and looking at pictures on the computer; building with Legos and just generally being a bit destructive with cars and dinosaurs like a typical boy.

*At Luke's 3 year check-up last week at the doctor he weighed 30 pounds (25-50%) and was 36 1/4 inches tall (25%). The doctor said she was happy with Luke's growth curve and estimated he may always be in those percentiles.

*Luke's schedule hasn't changed too much lately. He typically gets up around 8, takes about a two hour nap and goes to bed between 8:30 and 9. The later bedtime is the only slight change.

*We are still working on potty training. For a while things were going very well and about 2 1/2 weeks ago Luke would wake up and take his diaper off and put on big boy underwear. So following his lead we tried underwear for a couple of days. The first day went well but the second day Luke had a couple of accidents. I didn't make a big deal of them but he happened to be sitting on pillow doggy for one of them and he was most upset that he got doggy all wet and wasn't able to sleep with him that night. He was very restless that night and even cried out a few times leading me to think he was having bad dreams. I asked him about it the next morning and he said he was dreaming about going potty on his pillows and that he didn't like it. Since then we've regressed a bit. He hasn't been interested at all in using the potty but I'm not pushing and we're gradually having a success every day or two.

*I've heard numerous people say that the terrible two's are nothing compared to the three's. At this point I'm going to go ahead and agree with that. Temper tantrums are at an all time high and unfortunately occur at least once daily. Listening skills also seem to have declined dramatically over the last couple of months along with a rise in talking back and attitude. Don't get me wrong, Luke is a very good kid but there are definitely more challenging moments and days now it seems.

*One relatively new behavior that I enjoy greatly is quiet time. Luke has a down time in the morning and also some afternoons. It is not an every day occurrence but he will sometimes ask me to have quiet time with him up in his room. This typically includes laying in his bed and reading stories which is so awesome. He snuggles as close as possible to me and we lay in his bed for up to an hour.

*Luke also will occasionally ask to go to his room to be by himself if he is really upset about something. He will go upstairs and get all of his cloth diapers (still a VERY important comfort item) and bring them back down. The best part of this is that he usually returns in a much better mood. I'm proud of him for knowing how to calm himself down and knowing when he needs that time alone.

*Luke is still excited about the baby. He refuses to call the baby Rudolph or Rudy anymore and he not so politely tells family members that the baby doesn't have a name yet and that it's just a baby. We talk about the baby on a daily basis but Luke is still a bit hesitant about "talking" to the baby. I'm guessing the bigger my tummy gets the more interactive Luke will be. He will occasionally give the baby a kiss though and it just melts my heart. I know that Luke is going to be a terrific big brother and I can't wait to see the bond he will share with his sibling.

So, I'm sure I could list many, many more things but you might stop reading if I continue on any more. Luke is such a blessing in our lives and we enjoy every moment his antics and adventures bring along.

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