Thursday, July 28, 2011


Wednesday started out a bit hectic. Luke didn't wake up at 8:45 and we had to leave the house at 9:25 although we were late. I was dropping Luke off at Ashley's so the boys could play while I got my hair cut and colored. I also knew that I wouldn't take as many pictures yesterday because Luke and I were apart for over 2 hours. I still took plenty though--80 in all. I'm also happy to say that Troy is embracing this project and took probably 15 of those.
My favorite moments of the day: after Luke got dressed he looked at me and realized I had on the new maternity shirt he wanted me to buy last week. He said, "Oh, Mom it's the shirt with the flowers and sparkly things. You did bring it home! It's pretty Mom." One other moment that I enjoyed was watching Dinosaur Train with Luke in my lap. I don't get very many snuggles like that any more.

A favorite quote of the day besides the above: Luke said, "Mom, the kitchen floor is dirty. I'll clean it up for you." Then he got the dust pan and swept part of the floor.

A few other tidbits: I love to clean the sink with Comet and have a shiny clean sink afterward; Luke took a two hour plus nap which allowed me time to take a nap too; Luke fed Maggie all by himself (I usually help him a bit) and he was so proud of himself; the baby was very active all day and I was happy to use my baby bump as a shelf for my yogurt before bed.

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