Saturday, July 30, 2011


Yesterday was such an improvement over Thursday and I took 96 pictures. Luke was in a great mood and we had lots of fun taking pictures of each other on the steps before heading to his dentist appointment. I have to say that I was most impressed with how Luke handled his first trip and an unplanned trip to the dentist. The assistant first took an x-ray which I couldn't be in the room for and Luke didn't complain about the big plastic piece in his mouth or even move at all for the picture. The dentist came in a few minutes later and Luke leaned back in the chair and opened his mouth up wide. The dentist was really impressed when he learned that this was Luke's first trip ever to the dentist. They then polished the chipped tooth which Luke also didn't flinch or complain about at all. I was holding his hand and he really didn't even need me to do that. He was such a big boy and I was so proud of him! I only wish I could have taken about 20 more pictures but it all happened so fast. Our afternoon was fun too because we made chocolate chip cookie bars--yummy!

My favorite moments of the day: Watching Luke do an absolutely amazing job at the dentist's office. I was so proud of him. Also I checked my blog site meter yesterday afternoon to see if my link from Ali's website had been looked at at all. I was blown away to see that people from 21 different states and 10 different countries have looked at my blog the last 5 days.

Favorite quotes: On the way to the dentist's office Luke said, "Mom, it's a train!" It was a definite highlight for Luke; Luke was very affectionate yesterday as well so I heard, "I love you too Mom," several times throughout the day.

Random tidbits: The chocolate chip cookie bars taste soooo good which is nice because sweets haven't tasted good in a long time; Luke really enjoys playing by himself for a while after breakfast; Luke was pretty upset yesterday morning when Troy wasn't home--we even had to call him before Luke would get out of bed.

Only the rest of today and tomorrow to document. I'm still enjoying this project but I won't be sad when tomorrow comes to a close. I'm still hoping that I can get the album but together within a reasonable amount of time--right now I plan to give myself 2 weeks. Wish me luck!

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