Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday was not a good day. It started out not good and it continued until after I was asleep. Now granted we all have bad days but it seemed like yesterday was never going to end. So my frustrations included: Having an awful time getting dressed because I'm sick of my maternity clothes and them not fitting well; Luke waking up in a grouchy mood and also having to wash his sheets unexpectedly because his diaper leaked horribly; an abnormal amount of temper tantrums to go along with the grouchy mood; a horrible headache for me all afternoon; Troy learning he had some incorrect data for his maps at work which means they all have to be redone by Tuesday so he wouldn't be able to take Friday afternoon off and probably will have to work part of the weekend; Troy having to work late because of the above; I broke a cereal bowl making dinner for Luke; Luke chipping a tooth while playing with Troy; I got 2 prank phone calls at 12:45 am and I had a horrible dream and was awake again at 2:20 am. Despite all this I still found a few things to be grateful for (a good lesson) and recorded a true day in our lives. I also managed to take 56 pictures although I found yesterday to be very hard to document.
My favorite moments of the day: Listening to Luke talk and play with his Legos and trains. He has full conversations with the Lego animals and the trains. I'm loving how much Luke pretends lately. He is constantly entertaining me. My other favorite moment came last night when I learned that my sister will still be able to text while she is in Thailand (she leaves on Monday and will be gone until September 10).

A few quotes: The first thing Luke said to me in the morning, "Is Dad at work?" and Luke telling me how to drive, "It's green Mom. That means you should go," as we sit behind a line of cars.

Some other tidbits: The high temperature yesterday was 107 and the low only 82; I am grateful that when I tell Luke I don't feel well he seems to understand and let's me rest; Luke wanted to wear his basketball shirt like Dad's which I think is so awesome; Luke and I had a very serious conversation at breakfast about how he doesn't want to get big yet. He's worried about being a big brother and just wants to be Luke (a possible clue as to why potty training has completely stalled I think).

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