Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Odd Hooray

So, this morning when I went upstairs to wake Luke up for MDO I came across some odd circumstances. They were in order of discovery:

*Luke's bedroom door was closed (I always open it before I go to bed)
*The door into the bathroom was open (it's always closed because it lets in a lot of light)
*The light was on in the bathroom
*The door from Hannah's room into the bathroom was also open (always closed as above)

I really was puzzled for a minute because Hannah didn't fall asleep last night until 12:30 and I know I didn't have the light in the bathroom on or the doors open.  Then it occurred to me that Luke must have gotten out of bed at some point.  

So I asked him.  Sure enough he said he had gone to the bathroom.  I was hugely surprised by this and that I hadn't heard it through the monitor or that he didn't wake up Hannah.  We have a gate blocking the way from his room because he likes to get up and play with the water when he's supposed to be going to sleep. He went into Hannah's room to get to the bathroom and apparently pulled his diaper down, went to the bathroom and pulled his diaper back on and went back to bed.  

This is a very exciting development.  Troy and I have been talking about no diaper during the night because it's only wet maybe 1 or 2 times every two weeks.  Last night makes that seem even more possible.  Hooray for Luke!!!

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