Monday, April 30, 2012

WITL Review and Numbers

So I've had all day today to think about and review my WITL project.  A couple of thoughts right off the bat:  I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I did last year; I'm still really glad I kept with it and completed the whole week; I hope that I can find the time to actually make an album out of it rather than just having it here on my blog.  

More thoughts:  1) This project is great at allowing you to really notice the small details of your life that you would not probably otherwise notice--that's cool.  I found several times throughout the week that I would think to myself how awesome the moment was and that I was happy to recognize that.  2) The similarities from this year and last year sort of amaze me because we have a very obvious big difference--Hannah is now a part of our family.  My daily routine is pretty much the same except I get to care for a precious little girl along with my sweet son (life really is good).  3) It was a good reminder for me that even though there are days that it seems like I accomplish nothing I actually do a lot--caring for two children is a big job and some days that is all that can be done.  4) One of my favorite aspects of this project is tracking my blog site meter.  It's so awesome to see how many people read what I'm writing (or at least look at the pictures).  Even more fun is looking at the world map and seeing all the different states and countries these people are from.  Some of the countries include: Canada, Australia, Hungary, Denmark, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.  The number of states for this week was at least 20.  I love that!  5) Luke was a great sport about letting me take so many pictures each day.  He also took pictures this year.  In fact toward the end of the week he wanted to take more pictures.  And he was constantly asking me what I was taking a picture of--ever my curious boy!  6) I'm glad that I had Troy write down some of his activities so that his handwriting is also included.  I think that will be fun to see down the road.  Maybe next year Luke will be able to write a few things or at least have a page with his handwriting.  

I kept track of some numbers through the week:
Our Ages: Amy-33 years, 7 months    Troy-33 years, 4 months         Luke-3 years, 9 months    Hannah-4 months
Loads of laundry: 9
Meals fixed: 15
Rolls of toilet paper used: 5
Walks taken: 3
Full nights sleep: Troy and Luke-7    Amy and Hannah-2
Trips to Target: 2
Doses of medicine given (kids only): 38
Gallons of Kool-Aid made: 3
Dishwasher runs: 4
Pants size: Troy-35    Amy-8    Luke-3T    Hannah-3/6 months
Pictures taken the whole week: 1079

Until I'm able to show some pics of a completed album or next year's WITL I'll say goodbye to this project on my blog for now.

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