Saturday, April 28, 2012


Yesterday was a different sort of day.  It started out normal for a Friday--we usually hang out in our pj's for most of the day.  Luke also likes to build a train track on Friday mornings.  After getting distracted by Luke's piggy bank for a while, we started building a train track upstairs in the gameroom.  I decided to come downstairs to clean the kitchen up a bit before lunch and Luke threw a major tantrum about it.  He was upstairs crying and screaming for 40 minutes!  I finally told him to either calm down and come eat lunch or go to his room.  He choose his room and promptly fell asleep at 12:15 without eating lunch.  I opted to let him sleep rather than waking him.  Hannah and I hung out on the couch (she wouldn't sleep alone today) until I decided to take a shower.  Luke woke up about 2:40 and then had breakfast for lunch (because he thought it was morning).  We got ready to go to Sam's Club and also figured out that we were going to go to Dad and Frankie's for dinner.  We had a great evening playing Mario Cart, washers and hanging out outside along with a yummy dinner of grilled pork loin.  Luke went right to bed when we got home and Troy, Hannah and I hung out in the family room watching TV until we all went to bed about 11:30.  I didn't take nearly as many pictures today--only 88.
Such cute toes!
I really need to hang these letters in her room.
I love the way Luke always sits on his left leg like this.
And a cute bottom too!
I was dared to post the above pic--I win :)

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