Monday, April 23, 2012

KC Weekend

We had a great weekend in Kansas City with my mom, step-dad and sister.  We got there Friday afternoon and just enjoyed hanging out and exploring the new addition on my mom's house before we had a yummy grilled shrimp dinner.  Saturday morning we went to the new aquarium at Crown Center--Luke really had fun seeing all the fish.  We then went out to lunch and got ice cream before some down time.  My mom, sister and I did a bit of shopping on the Plaza and then we had another great bbq dinner.  Sunday morning we had brunch with my cousin and her family along with my mom's best friend Meridee (my godmother) and some other family friends so everyone could meet Hannah.  We left for home about 1:45 and unfortunately it was a very long ride home because we had to make 6 different stops.  Hannah couldn't decide if she wanted to eat or not and was rather fussy.

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