Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Difficult Days

We've been having some difficult days around our house lately.  Hannah hasn't been sleeping too well and Luke's temper tantrums and attitude are challenging.  Such is the life with an almost 4 month old and almost 4 year old.

Hannah has not developed a very consistant schedule yet.  That's hard on a mom who likes to be organized and scheduled.  We have about 2 good nights of 7+ hours of uninterrupted sleep and that is usually followed by 3-5 nights of 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I suppose that is really good for most babies but my comparison is Luke.  He was a rockstar sleeper starting at 3 months--I'm talking 10+ hours a night.  I knew that the chances of having two rockstar sleepers was slim but I'm having a tough time dealing with the lack of consistency.  Hannah's naps during the day don't have too much consistency either and when she is napping she likes to be laying on me.  I don't mind the snuggles at all but I can't get anything done when she's sleeping on me.  I've tried to move her to the bouncer, the swing, the moby wrap and even just laying her in the boppy but she usually wakes up after 20 minutes in any one of those if I even get 20 minutes.  Some days I deal with not getting anything done around the house and other days I deal with having a fussy, sleepy baby.  I have yet to try and let her cry it out for a long period of time but I think that day is quickly approaching.  

Luke has had a bunch of temper tantrums and meltdowns the last month or so.  If we make it through the day without one I'm impressed.  Listening and following directions has also been quite a challenge lately. When you hear someone say that the terrible two's are nothing compared to the terrible three's I wholeheartedly agree (and I'm hoping at 4 it gets better).  At first I thought maybe Luke was still adjusting to having Hannah around but many moms I talk to are dealing with the same challenges.  

I know these are both phases and they will get better soon but some days are just down-right difficult!  Today I'm one tired chick because Hannah was up at 2:15, 5:15 and 6:45 to eat.  I'm thinking she might be going through a growth spurt because she slept a bunch yesterday as well.  Thankfully Luke is at MDO and I'm hoping to get a nap at some point.

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