Thursday, April 5, 2012

Scrapbook Excitement

I will admit that this is somewhat silly but it's still really exciting for me.  I have mentioned Ali Edwards on my blog several times--she's the creator for the Week In the Life project I did last year and will do this year not to mention a super famous scrapbooker.  Anyway, Ali has a line of digital scrapbooking products and I bought some the other day to use with Photoshop Elements.  In the description of the product it states that it's possible to change the dates that are already set up in the template I bought.  Well, I couldn't figure out how to change the dates for anything.  So I e-mailed Ali to ask for her help yesterday afternoon.  And the exciting part is she replied today!!!  I figured she would reply but definitely not so fast; it was less than 24 hours.  I would absolutely LOVE to take a class from her personally but she doesn't do many and they are super expensive so it's not likely to happen.  I consider her e-mail response probably the closest I'll ever get to "interacting" with her.  Hehehe--that definitely made my day and more likely my week :)

Our e-mails:

Hi Amy,

Thank you for purchasing a set of my templates, here is a link that might help you:

A brief description of what you are looking for:

You mentioned in the video that it’s possible to change the day of the week so these could be used for other years. Can you show us how?

Answer:  Using the rectangular marquee tool (the one that looks like “marching ants” – select the area you want to delete (such as around the day of the week word) and hit delete. This will remove the word. To add a new word grab the T tool and type your word in that boxed area.
If you are wanting to have a different day (with that same typeface I used) you can open an overlay that is the day you want (say a Monday) and using the rectangular marquee tool again select the area and go to Edit/Copy and then Edit/Paste to paste it onto the overlay you want.

And a link to a series on my blog about getting started with digital scrapbooking:

I hope you have fun playing with those elements and let me know if you have another question.


Hi Ali,

I'll start by saying that I'm new to Photoshop Elements so this may be a ridiculous question.  I have the 10th edition.  I bought the 2010 WITL layered templates in an effort to finish my 2011 WITL before you start on 2012 WITL (hope that's clear).  Anyway, in the description at designer digitals it says that the dates can be changed or removed.  I can not figure out how to change the dates from 2010 to 2011.  I've tried reading all the help topics on text in PSE but nothing is working.  I would greatly appreciate your help.  

Thank you so much for your time!  I truly enjoy reading your blog everyday and love all of your projects.

Thank you,

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