Monday, April 30, 2012


Yesterday was the final day of WITL.  I have to say I'm glad the recording part of this project is done.  It was fun to record everything but it's also time consuming and I was ready to be done.  We took 154 pictures.

Hannah didn't go to sleep until after midnight on Saturday night and then she was awake at 6:45.  Thankfully I was able to sleep in because Troy got up with Luke.  We had lunch plans with some friends to see their new house.  Luke had fun playing with their son, Grey.  When we got home from lunch we all took a nap.  Hannah again refused to sleep anywhere but on me so we both slept together on the couch.  I was just happy to have the chance to take a nap.  Troy ran to Lowe's while Luke played, Hannah hung out on the floor and I made chicken salad for dinner.  Hannah enjoyed some more rice cereal after we all finished our dinner.  Luke and I enjoyed some chill time in his room before he went to bed.  Then Troy did some ironing and the dishes while Hannah and I hung out in the family room.  He went to bed after we watched the news.  Hannah ate on and off all evening it seemed but finally fell asleep about 11:15.  

I was really hoping that with the cereal and the amount of milk Hannah had last night she would sleep through the night.  No luck.  She woke up at 3 to only eat for 5 minutes and then take 45 minutes to go back to sleep.  I really wish we could figure out a schedule!

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