Monday, April 23, 2012

4 Months

Hannah was 4 months old yesterday!  Overall, she is still a very good baby and has a happy, easy-going temperament.  Let me share what her life is like right now:

*Schedule: This hasn't changed since my 3 month post.  It's definitely not set but I can see a very rough one.  On good days she'll wake up between 7 and 9, eat a small amount, be wide awake for about 45 minutes, eat a bigger amount, take roughly an hour and a half nap, be wide awake and want to play for a while, eat again and depending on the earlier nap either play some more or go back to sleep.  Then after Luke goes down for his nap, Hannah and I will either play, take a nap, or eat a bunch depending on the morning.  If it's a really good day, she'll take a 2-3 hour nap at the same time Luke does or if it's not such a good day she can be fussy and dose off and on for that time.  Usually she'll eat two more times before dinner and may take another decent nap before or during our dinner time.  Evening time is the most fussy for her still.  Hannah will eat about every hour and a half to two hours from about 7 until she goes to sleep for the night which is usually between 11 and 12.  She also takes a few cat naps during that time as well.  For a while she was sleeping through the night at 8-10 hours but that hasn't been at all consistant lately.  It seems she'll sleep through the night for 2-3 nights in a row and then go 3-5 nights where she'll wake up after 4-6 hours of sleep. 

*Stats: I don't know for sure what Hannah's weight is right now.  I would guess close to 15-16 pounds and maybe 24-25 inches long.  I'll post an update after the doctor appointment on Wednesday.  I can say that she is definitely growing.  She is still wearing 6 month size tops but they are no longer to long and most pants are now 6 month size.  Pajamas are all 6 months in size because her body is so long but she is quickly getting too long for size.  Her hair is also starting to get a bit longer but we still aren't sure what color it is--it appears red, brown, very blond or a mix of those depending on the light.  Her eyes are still blue.

*Food: Hannah is obviously still only eating my milk.  The doctor said we would talk about introducing solids at her 4 month appointment which is in two days.  I really think she is ready to start eating some cereal.  She grabs for our food when she has the chance and definitely watches all of us eat and seems to be thinking why can't I have that :)

*Activities: Hannah's biggest activity is still sleeping although it's not as much as it used to be.  She likes to be held a lot especially if she's just eaten.  We've been working on tummy time but that's hard because she usually just spits up if she's on her tummy.  Luke has been requesting that Hannah read stories with us before his nap time.  Sometimes this works out and other times she is too fussy.  Luke has also started playing more with her and Hannah really enjoys those times with Luke.  One big moment from the past month--Hannah's first laugh on April 10.  Troy was blowing raspberries on her feet and she just started giggling.  She has figured out how to hold her toys and move them around as well as pick them up if they are close to her.  Hannah just started blowing bubbles and she seems to be drooling more (hoping she's not getting a tooth yet).  Another new thing is sucking on her right arm to put herself to sleep.  I'm glad she's learning to self-sooth a bit more.

*Mobility: Hannah has started moving around more.  She is very good at scooting backwards on her back.  So good in fact that I have to make sure she doesn't run into something.  She is also excellent at making herself bounce in her bouncer--sometimes it makes me nervous!  Hannah hasn't really rolled over much since the first few times but she can get on her side like a pro.  She just needs to figure out how to move her arm to roll over all the way.  She has excellent head control and she has almost mastered sitting up-right by herself.

*Favorites: I am still Hannah's favorite person but she has a smile for anyone that says hello or interacts with her.  Hannah still loves when Luke interacts with her.  Luke is really a good helper especially in the car--he does a great job talking to her and calming her down if she is fussy.  Other favorites:  cloth diapers, being outside, a new taggie car seat toy, laying on her playmat and looking in the mirror with Dad.  Hannah also really enjoys bath time :)

*Events: We have been busy it seems the past month.  We went to Topeka to visit Grandma and Grandpa Johnson for Easter and this past weekend we went to KC to visit Grammy and PawPaw--first trips to both places for Hannah.  Last week we had professional pictures taken (it was rescheduled) and this week we have Hannah's 4-month check-up at the doctor.

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