Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today was a school day for Luke.  That means getting up and ready along with doing the same for both kids by 8:50 to make it on time.  Thankfully Hannah slept all night so it wasn't a very stressful school morning--some definitely are.  While Luke was at school Hannah had her 4 month check-up, we went to TLC to buy flowers with Frankie and out to lunch with Frankie as well (so glad she was there to help me with the flowers).  We then came home chilled for a bit before picking LJ up and heading to the park with Ashley and the boys.  It was hot yesterday--in the lower ninties.  Not a great sign for the rest of the summer.  Because we were so hot after being at the park, I stopped and got Luke and I a rather large ice cream cone to share when we got home.  It was definitely a highlight for me.  Troy came home early because a pen exploded all over him; a shirt and pair of pants most likely ruined with red ink.  We then all went to Kohl's and Troy then had a haircut.  We came home and had dinner and then when Troy got home we went out in the backyard and our neighbors joined us for a while.  Bath time for both kids followed by bedtime for Luke and hanging out on the couch watching TV and feeding Hannah for me while Troy chilled as well completed our evening.  143 pictures were taken today.

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