Friday, April 27, 2012


Yesterday was a very long day.  It started out okay but there was a slow slide downhill all afternoon.  Thursday mornings are usually tough for Luke to get going and this one was no exception.  After finally dropping him off at school Hannah and I ran some errands.  We went to Target, Lowe's and Under the Sun.  I had fun picking out flowers for the yard and my pots--wish I could say that I was done buying because it's hard when you have a baby with you but I love the process too much to really complain.  Once home I unloaded everything and then the slide started.  Hannah would not settle down or go to sleep.  I know she was probably not feeling great after getting her shots at the doctor.  Thankfully she did let me carry her around in the moby wrap for a while (that's not always the case).  We also walked around outside looking at different flowers around the yard for some entertainment.  After we picked Luke up we all hung out on the couch for a while because I was getting a headache.  I managed to get dinner ready with Hannah in the moby again and she finally fell asleep in there.  After dinner Troy and Luke played monster and bonk until Luke got hurt twice and decided he was done playing.  I then laid down to rest and Troy, Luke and Hannah watched some TV.  I put Luke to bed and then was a blob on the couch trying to get rid of my headache which seemed to only be getting worse.  Hannah was still super fussy but she finally fell asleep about 11 and then I was finally able to go to bed myself.  I took 139 pictures today which was impressive considering I didn't feel good for half the day.

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