Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Phone Pics

Some of the pics that I downloaded from my phone--it's great to have a "camera" with me all the time nowadays.  I feel like I get more pictures of the everyday stuff which are the moments I'll really want to remember down the road.
 February 4: Home Depot project of the month
 February 18: Out to lunch on a Saturday--wacky stick glasses
 February 23: First activity of the day at MDO--playing with shaving cream
 February 25: Sleepy girl
 February 28: Luke was tickling Hannah for the first time and he was SO excited that she was smiling and cooing at him.
 February 29: A walk in the park
 March 7: Luke and I had a date at the ice cream cherry (Peachwave)
 March 21: Sleeping after eating
 March 29: Lunch with Dad
 March 30: Swinging on his stomach
March 31: Birthday party fun at Bouncin' Craze (lots of inflattable toys to jump on)

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